Saturday, 19 March 2011

La Pedriza is hot hot hot

You´d have thought we might have guessed it but we were lied to by the weather forecast! Indeed La Pedriza is awesome, there is so much rock here it´s amazing. However, the rock is very rough and considering I was struggling with skin in font in colder temperatures it´s no surprise I´m a bit hesitant to do too much at once. Goes are precious. Rosie is already climbing with all her fngers taped (though because the rock is so rough you can still climb quite well - I flashed 7a yesterday with this method). I think if I had a full "proper" session on a problem I would be bleeding from every tip.

The first day here was really nice, very cloudy and alot of wind meant it was seriously cold. I did a cool 7c roof thing called La Belen. The ascent was just in time to make it into this video, which also has some other cool things in from La Pedriza:

Granit Playground from Talo Martin on Vimeo.

Other good lines we´ve seen here are:
I want to belive 7a (Amazing. Hopefully have a video of Rosie doing this soon).
Groucho 7c (vid here)
El Chulo 7a
And one I´ve only seen a video of but want to try: Far West 8a

Unfortunately though on the morning of my birthday I had a wee look at my thermometer and it was reading 45 degress C (in the sun). Apparently it was forecast to snow the other day too? I hope it does cool down but at the moment I´m in full summer gear (shorts t-shirt flip flops) and more motivated to sit and eat olives and drink beer. Hopefully it will turn cold again!

Speaking of colder temperatures here´s the vid of me doing Les Beaux Quartiers in Font.

Les Beaux Quartiers 8a from Michael Stainthorpe on Vimeo.

If you are interested in bouldering in La Pedriza check out
Also, thank you very much to Talo and Roser for cooking me a lovely paella style thing for my birthday the other night, it was lush! And also thankyou for being our guides. You have been amazing!

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mina said...

nice work on beaux quartiers!! You guys had a bit of a crush fest after we went! Keep it going, enjoy the sun - oo rosie I got a bit over zealous with my knitting and snapped my lovely red needle!! But i got some nice bamboo ones to replace them so it's okay now.... :)