Thursday, 17 March 2011


We just arrived in La Pedriza, north of Madrid. There looks to be about a million granite boulders here. Can't wait to get stuck in.
The last day in Font was really good too. We got up early for some cold conditions and I did Beaux Quartiers first go after warming up which was nice. Then a little later on Rosie did Lapin ou Canard (vid below) which she had been trying a bit. After that we headed to Rocher Canon and I did Les Câlins de Kim which was nice. I walked up to Baleine but it started raining. Roll on Spain

Lapin ou Canard 7a from Michael Stainthorpe on Vimeo.


Mam said...

Happy Birthday & Viva Espana!

Mam/ Brenda said...

Rosie, - you look so strong on here. Superb!